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Business owners often know they need a solid marketing plan/team that can effectively promote their business online. The problem is most business owners are busy actually taking care of their business and customers and simply do not have time to implement effective marketing strategies. Bolt Marketing is a team of professionals that brings an entire marketing department to your business. You will have cutting edge digital marketing that you see adding to your bottom line month after month. 

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Founder, Bolt Marketing

Tyson Waggener

Are you interested in growing your business this year? Do you currently have a system that allows you to get new customers on demand whenever you want?

Tyson and the Bolt Marketing team have been involved in building multiple six and seven figure companies. 

You can think of us as your marketing department. Most businesses do not have a full time team of people working on their marketing strategies. Here at Bolt Marketing we believe strong consistent branding, message and digital strategies are essential to any thriving business in 2017. 

We help you get connected with an amazingly talented team of people that can grow your business using these methods. We teach you the most effective marketing actions that need to happen to grow your business. 

The BEST part is we can handle all of this for you. We can take this essential and time consuming piece of your business off your plate allowing you to focus on your customers and running your business.

This program will help you with...


Social Media Marketing

Every business owner knows they should be doing more with social media...but who has the time to keep up with all of the platforms and changes? The answer is we do. Bolt Marketing can create great content for every platform, build your social presence and convert those fans into sales. We are your social media marketing team.


Email Marketing

Our team can add thousands of new email subscribers to your email list every month. Imagine having a resource of 10k-20k people that are hungry for any new product or service you offer. Imagine having orders flood in by the hundreds or thousands. Now imagine you had the ability to turn this system on and off like a faucet.


Website Management

Having a powerful website is no longer a one time set it and forget it thing. Your website needs to be built around a strategy to bring more customers and sales to your business. Every business had different goals we can help identify the best strategies to implement on your website.

Ranking in the top three search results in Google and other search engines is like having a sales person working for you 24/7. It can often be the number one sales channel for your business. Figuring out which search terms you need to rank for and how to get there takes time, effort and persistence. Together we can make it happen.


Search Engine Optimization


Advertising Management

Google Adwords and Facebook's paid advertising platform are the most powerful paid advertising opportunities for any business in the world. Every business owner should dedicate a large chunk of their yearly advertising budget to Adwords and Facebook Advertising. We can build you profitable campaigns that consistently bring in new customers. We can manage the entire system for you and make sure your schedule is full.


Custom Strategies

Great marketing is not a one size fits all thing. We understand you and your business are unique and we build unique strategies and campaigns to fit every business we work with. Imagine having the best customized marketing strategy for your business... 

We can help you get there.


Faim Worldwide | Artist

"Bolt Marketing has grown my online presence and helped me sell more art. They also grew my Instagram following over 11,000 new followers. Working with Bolt has been the best decision for my business."

Dane Maxwell | Musician

Tyson and his team at Bolt did an incredible job helping me grow and manage my Instagram account. The content and strategies they suggested were always well received by my audience. Great group of people! I will be using them in the future to help me with my companies.

Jared Swanson | JD Publishing

"Tyson and his team at Bolt Marketing have been responsible for growing our overall Instagram audience by over 30,000 new followers. They have great customer service and area always available for questions. It has been a pleasure working with them."

Big Sky Journal | Tahoe Quarterly | Western Art and Architecture

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